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Hi From Los Angeles

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**copied from Muscletalk**

Seen a similar thread about a member in Portugal so i thought i would post one from the other side of the Atlantic.

Been off the boards for a while now and my vacation is the reason why.

Members that have PM'd me i will reply next week when i return.

Its great over here and i visited the strip lol! Been pretending to be affiliated to royalty to some of the american chicks, just for jest (with my poshest queen's english accent LMFAO!) the girls here...phew!! really testing my monogamy to the max

The heat has been pretty intense too. Great to train with air conditioning as oppossed to guy's stinking farts at the gym back home!

Rented a F355 over the weekend, ears still ringing!! Now every car just seems so ordinary. Dont know how i will cope with my car now?!

Not really a gambler so i havent blown loads either just been loving the food portions which are huge (no wonder they are obese over here) lol!

Seen the advert for the Olympia at the Madalay Bay wouldnt have minded attending it but thats not till Oct.

Now that i am back home i can honestly say that i am definitely returning back there next year. :winky:

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How did you get on with the nightlife in LA?

Was there a few weeks back and it was a little difficult to get into some places, but it was midweek....

Vegas is cool, we were just winding the birds up pretending that we were Australian, it worked every time!

I'm having a break from Vegas now for a few years, it's bad when the bar staff remember you from the past few years!!!

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I had to show ID at 2 places lol!

Yeah i loved the nightlife very different to ours mate...

exert of my opinions..

"My word some of the chicks are plain gorgeous here..Getting more of the ethnic chicks (latinos etc) that are into guys with builds and appreciate it etc.

There is this Czech chick a few rooms down and she is stunning (try to get a pic ) i made a point of borrowing some hairspray from her to get talking. I believe there are quite a lot of czech girls in porn because of no job opportunities and poor living back home?!

I may have to save this one..

Wealth...i thought i had seen wealth in some places in the UK...makes us look like peasants in the homeless queue, i tell you.

Sheer decadance...i love it..

Feck me i am moving here and whoring my boys back home out on the street for £2 a pop, to fund me lol!! "

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Sounds about right, yeah basically in LA and Vegas there are loads of rich and famous people who make us look like skin flints!

Loads of Eastern Europeans are out there, in Vegas we saw one American taxi driver, the majority were Eastern European! I got a bollocking off one because I was going to tip him 2 dollars in quarters, he kicked me out the car - the fare was only 5 dollars so don't know what his problem was!

Did you get a pic of the Czech bird then?

To be honest it would be cheaper to just fly out to the Czech Republic, all the birds there are fitties!

We;ve got loads of Polish and Czech birds in town now - I'm loving it :D

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