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Is It A Horse? It Was 300 Of Em !

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Well, great day today ......... Daza came down from Wallsall, to TDi Lakeside, so we met up for a drink and some food in Hornchurch ..........

We left Lakeside together, I LED the way ....... as soon as there was a nice bit of open carriageway, I just booted it ...... and the distance between me and Daza increased some amount !

Little did I realise, that it was because Daz was putting a CD into his head unit ........ :lol:

I had my windows open, and all I could hear was ....... Tsshhhh Tsshhhhh Tshhhhhh forget a horse sneazing, this was like 300 horses sneazing all at the same time ....... Tshhh Tshhh Tshhh ..... then I look up in my rear view mirror and I see a shiney blue lexus stuck to my tail ... with a big grin on Daza's face .......... :D

Get back to mine, then Daza kindly says "Here mate, you can drive to the pub, you know where it is"

Got behind the seat of the Sneazing Horse ....... and off we go ...... nice long drive through Dagenham, Romford .... then to Hornchurch. What a fantastic drive, up to about 3.5K revs ... it just feels like a 'normal' car with a big exhaust ........ As soon as it hits 4K revs, it's all over, take a deep breath, and the horse sneazing begins ! :lol:

On the way back from lunch in the Harrow ... in Hornchurch, for those that know it :) I took the longer route, via the A12 ...... before getting some 99 RON Super Unleaded from the Gallows Corner Tesco ....... back down the A12, and jeeeees ...... 3rd gear onwards ..... after I chucked it into 4th, then 5th .... it started getting a little scary as it just wanted more heavy right foot driving !! :D

Top day out, nice too meet up with you again Daz, and thanks for letting me drive the beast ..........

Top work done by TDi again, bringing the car up to this spec, I could say .... I have driven the fastest IS200 in the country ;) (Mat, yours don't count, it's got a supra engine!) ;)

Enjoy the pics, sorry ...... I reduced the image sizes, so the quality isn't all that !









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But who was translating? :blink:

lol .... I could understand everthing ..... Sara however, she wasn't picking up on everything :D

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Car's looking great Daz :D

So what's it like to finally drive it :question:

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the write up on my car will be tomorrow but

i must say thankyou

to scarface and sara for all of their hospitality and taking me for a fine meal with drinks in plastic cups lol and sara made me a lovely coffee to send me on my way big thanks to both of you

wait there us walsall lot talk queens english (thats what my mom said anyway :blush: ) (not like you essex boys ah ahmet private joke)

and if you want home entertainment scarface is the man blew my mind away with his setup


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Nice to hear you've finally got the car back fella, it's been a while but it's been worth it I bet :D

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