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New Lexus Owner - But Have A Problem And Need Some Advice

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Hello everyone,

First off all i would like to say that, and also say that other than the problem i'm reporting, the car i've got has been a joy to drive and when behind the wheel there is a 'feelgood' factor. anyways onto the problem

I've had my Lexus for about a month now and after three weeks in i noticed i'd developed a slow puncture. Anyway took it in yesterday and today had the the tyre replaced. After speaking to the chap who replaced the tyre he checked my other wheels and noticed that they had been wearing on the inside edges and is down to the bare tyre.

What seems to have happened is the person how owned it before me has swapped the front tyres to the back for some reason and so i have the same wear pattern all round. So i have replaced one tyre so far as i expected it to be a puncture that would'nt be due to this. Also the spare i have is brand new so i have two new tyres

So the question is, i need two new tyres on the front now also and was thinking of going to the garage as they have sold me the car like this and i would'nt think the tyres have worn down that quick (i've only done about 1000 miles upto now) The tyres themselves apart from the aforementioned wear have good tread on them still 2.5/3 mm.

What are your views, Do i have a leg to stand on?

I have a 3 month/3000 mile warranty, and i would'nt consider this general wear and tear. Also i wouldn't have noticed as there seems not play in the steering, no pulling and also no knocking sounds. Was think of trying to get the two tyres and wheels aligned.

Apart from this though its a loverly car to drive, nice and comfortable and also looks nice :D

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Hi and Welcome to LOC :)

Glad your enjoying your car apart from the tyre wear problem,which is a Very Very Common problem with the IS200.

Dr Bones is the man to speak to about it :winky: He should be along with some help if you keep checking this thread.

My advice would be to get the geometry done by Tony and get the garage to pay for the bill,if you can get replacement tyres from the garage as a Good Will gesture that would a Great result.

Id mention to the garage that you have posted on here about the tyre wear problem ;)

You might get a result with the advice above and be able to say good things of the garage on here in exchange B)

Theres nothing like word of mouth for a good and helpful garage if anyone wants to buy a car from them in future :shifty:


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