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Wiring Harness For The Is200 Se Model?

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Hi all, (sorry if already posted) :blush:

I am trying to locate a Wiring harness for the IS200 Se 1999 model :question:

bascially i am trying to installthe following:

Kenwood MP4, Mp3, cdr, video CD etc (no DVD :crybaby: ) head unit + 7" mororised Screen in a 2 din facia plate (supplier ebay or infinity).

The kenwood has an ISO Plug but having problems finding a Wiring harness adapter for the SE model (only the S models has one :tsktsk: )

Has anyone done this to the se model please :question: realy need advise. Geoffers has helped a lot but still need some advise:- :crybaby:

1. Would i need to bypass the amp (i want to keep it if poss has it is a great balanced sound set-up).?

2. ISO plug for the Wiring loom; would the amp still work?

3. Telephone kit requires a mute wire, has the standard wiring loom got one?

Any Advise or links apprecicated. has i am going loopy with conflicting advise :hehe:



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