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Ivan Golac


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When I left work at 5.30pm tonight I got into my car no problem at all. Came home and tried to lock it, nothing happened. Tried button on door handle nothing happened. So got into car in the hope that a start up and stop of the car would help, but it didnt.

So car sat there unlocked for 5 mins or so, the I opened the boot to get to my manual to see what the problem was, lone behold it locked after first push of key but wouldnt open again at second push...... :tsktsk:

Ok, I said, must be the key, went to get the spare and all the same happens again! What is wrong????

Is it normal for a wee red light to flash when you push the button on the key??

Has anyone got any ideas?? It has been ****** rain ALL day today. Surely water hasnt got into the electrics? There is nothing else wrong with the car apart from the key??

Help/advice is much appreciated


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Hello, I have read this before on here, i can't remember what it was but it was intermitent and it was something like a dodgy earth or relay...I shall see if i can find it.


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Sorry to say this appears to be a problem with the IS range at the moment its down to interference with the radio signal with the car and the fob hence the flashing lights on the fob - park the car ten feet away and the problem probably wont exist - but the rule appears to be if you have a problem locking it dont lock it move your car - I have the problem where if i park it one place on my path I cant get in etc but park it a few feet further and no problem !!!! there are instructions on how to start the car with a depleated Battery in the fob and this seems to let you get in and drive away but its a right pain as the alarm goes off while you are trying to start it !!! - Lexus are aware of the problem but dont know how to fix it !!! have spoken to everyone but some tips are :

If you cant lock it move the car a few feet away

try opening on the passenger side

dont keep trying it wait for the light under the mirror to come on so hold the fob near the handle and as soon as it does that try the doors quickly as this means the key has been picked up the interference seems to come and go.

and ring Lexus cust serv and moan 01737 367601 and eventually we all may get somewhere !!!


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