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Front Brakes

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Hi all,

I have a bit of an issue, The front brakes (driver side) is making a noise only when I turn left. Best described as scraping sound. Here's the best bit, I have replaced :-

1. Brake pad Carriers

2. Brake pad retaining clips

3. brake pads

4. DISCS :tsktsk:

The only thing I can now think of is that the brake pad clips were not put on correctly. I.E inside pad clips are on the outside pad etc. Has anyone got pics of which clips for the pad holders go where?

Your suggestions and help would be much appreciated. :ohmy:

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could be the lower ball joints?

All the joints and connections were checked. It must be the brake clips that have been placed incorrecly, as the idiot who did them took them all off, rather than one by one replacing each one. Dough.

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