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Mr Flibble

Toyota Tells Lexus P*rn Site To Log Off Permanentl

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Looks like Toyota had a stumbling block when they first tried to use the name as well!

A registered trademark is a powerful tool. The Mead Data Central

Inc., the firm that markets computerized legal data-base

services under the registered trademark Lexis, used the courts

to prevent Toyota Motor Corp from marketing a new line of cars

under the name Lexus. Unless a Fortran Standardizing Organization

is willing and able to legally enforce the Standard, this

discussion will have been nothing but an exercise in futility.

Wonder how they got around that?

Oh atually it's here:

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strange that... apparently you can call your products Lexus

For instance if you had a furniture company selling sofas and you named your sofa "Lexus" then you are not breaking any trademarks.

According to one of the guys at Lexus when i questioned this.

So why do they say

"You can't market cookies called Ford," he said. "Lexus is a brand name that's trademarked and off-limits for commercial purposes."

The sofa company were doing wrong but Lexus was not bothered.

Check it out:

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My sofa is called "the lexus" from Land of Leather. LOL :lol:

And no before somebody asks I didn't buy it because of it's name :yawn: :D

It's a nice black leather recliner suite :D

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