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Best Way To Prepare / Seal With Life Shine

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Apologies for the "newbee" questions but prior to joining the forum I though I knew how to polish a car :blush:

On previous cars I've always used Autoglym SRP followed by at least 2 coats of EGP which I've found to be very good.

Just got a 6 month old IS250 SE-L in Black and want to give it the full "Liife Shine" but not sure how best to prepare the car first. I've got the Lifeshine kit (Thanks Ebay) but should I -

1. SRP

2. Lifeshine protector

3. EGP

I've read about "Claying" in other posts but never done this before ?

Would this be better before the Lifeshine (along with or instead of the SRP ?)

What should be the process afterwards ? Just more coats every few months of EGP ?

Finally, has anyone used the new Ultra Deep Shine ? Is it better than EGP?


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I've no experience of EGP, Lifeshine or ERP...

However, on a 6 month old car I wouldn't bother with clay unless you've got serious pollutants on the car, tar, ingrained dead flies etc. If you bought from a dealer, they would have polished it up and it should be as good as new still.

So, nothing abrasive - just a long life Sealant Glaze, 2 or more layers and finishing wax (P21s, Souveran Carnauba or similar) should keep it sweet. Then more wax every couple of washes...

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Thanks for the reply.

In the end I used the SRP first which cleaned the paint and the few minor scratches up but this still left odd bits in the paint. They were difficult to see but could be felt. In the end I then did try the Quik clay and was amazed at how easy and effective it was.

Followed this with the LifeShine left overnight and the a first coat of the EGP (I intend to do another coat after a week or so). The end result is very good and far better than I've done in the past.

Shame that 30 mins after finishing it rained :crying:

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