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My Rx400h Has A New Stable Mate

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Our Lexus RX400h sits in the driveway with my trusty MkI Audi TT225 however......

Ordered this afternoon.....

Audi TT MkII

3.2 S Tronic



Extended Leather

19' 7 Spoke





MF Wheel

Tyre Pressure Monitors

Auto dimming/folding mirrors

Magnetic ride

DVD Satnav plus

Hope for March 1st Deliver, well March the 3rd, I'll be skiing in California on the 1st!!!

My 03 TT 225 has been just fab. Thought of lots to change it to but none ticked all the boxes like the TT does so same again is the order of the day. I also had a R8 ordered; at £60k I would have gone for it, but at close to £80k it's just too much to spend on a car IMHO.

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Sounds nice, do quite like the new TTs, much more aggressive than the old ones.......

Remember to post up some pics when it arrives, hope it gets to you on time :winky:

What is "magnetic ride"?? :blink:

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Magnetic Ride

Suspension which stiffens in the corners by using little particles of metal in the oil which when an electric current is passed through them makes the oil more viscose and therefore stiffer.

It has also just come out in the Ferrari 599 - If it is good enough for Ferrari then........

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