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Is The Is200 Standard Hu Coded?

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I am thinking of removing it to see what wiring set-up is but need to know is they have a security code or not :question:

Yes i is a Se model (with Amp) trying to figure out the wiring set-up and using the supplied (thanks LOC) wiring diagram. :duh:

Fitting a Aftermarket Setro, but going tohave major problems i think since ther is no wriring harness. :crybaby:

:offtopic: Would i be right that i would have to remove the Amp or Bypass it if i was to fitthe aftermarkeHu?

Once bypassed the back speakers will not work off a new Amp (Rockford Fossgate 2 chnle)?

if not would i ihvae to replace them with standard 6x9's? or can i adapt them to work off the new Amp?

too many Questions and no 1 good single point on this site for the answers :crybaby:

We should have a SE and Sports Audio Section Please? :hehe:

Cheers for any pointers.. :hehe:

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Yep, no code.

This following link is a good starting point and has most of the info you need:

I recently replaced my head unit with a Sony one from my last car. Nothing special, no amps or anything complicated involved, but ended up changing all 4 speakers (and making MDF mounts for them), and installing my own speaker wiring. Lexus certainly don't make it easy for you!

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thanks for the tips

but the sticker on the Windows say the stero will not work in anyother car. hence i am thinking it is coded.

I just want to play it safe, My last car's was coded and ended up paying £25 from the local audio installers to have it recoded since the dealers were asking £35.00 to dig out the original codes :duh:

Thanks, Planning to do the work over the weekend.... :ohmy::blink:



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