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My Attempt For An Mm System On My 99 Is200!

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Ok folks ... just a brief update. Its now complete (for now :-) ) .....

I have installed a JVC single DIN DVD player, 400W clarion 4 channel amp, and 7" LCD screen in the top dash (an altezza screen modded to play digital video). Sound comes through the stock speakers (I had a sport system), and they are in pretty good shape.

All in all, I am very happy with the system. Although I am pushing close to 70W RMS into the stock speakers they do ok, and make a nice clean sound. The bass is pretty bad a$$ too! i'd say comparing with my original system it thumps around 2 times as hard.

Anyways, here are a couple of pics albeit a bit bad in quality as it was taken from my phone and during the night!



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nice one!!

but if i was you i wouldnt mount the amp that way up. its liable to overheating and burning out. possibly a fire.

happened to a friend of mine when he mounted his upside down.

the heat isnt being dispersed thru the heat sink of the amp because the heat is rising rather than going down into the heat sink.

bet your parcel shelf gets a bit warm!!!

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thanks for the advice @sorted_vti ... i dunno if its the design of the amp or what (the heat sink fins kinda flair out to the sides)). Cos it doesnt seem to get very hot at all. I pushed it quite hard for about 45 mins (on volumes that my ear can just about handle at max (with my front windows 1/2 open) ...

after getting out of the car, i went to the trunk and touched the amp, and it was "warm" at most ..... i'd say around 40 degrees if i had to guess.

Is it really a fact about this upside down thing? or is it kinda like an urban legend or does it only apply to like high powered amps / mono amps that push subs?

What do you guys thing? is 45 mins not long enuff? will it get significantly hotter after like 1 hr?

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