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Rx350 Vs Rx300

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Hi all

Yesterday I swapped my 53 RX300 SE-L for a new RX350 SE-L, just wanted to highlight some key differences from my brief ownership:

- Looks

Very little to distinguish them apart, tyre valves are silver on the new one but I guess unless you were looking at the badge you might struggle to notice. I did opt for exactly the same exterior colour and leather combination.

- Power

The RX now feels like to has the right amount of horses under the bonnet. I was never happy with the RX300 when it came to putting the right foot down, I was always left somewhat disappointed.

- Interior

I asked my very kind Lexus dealer to swap the wood for the brushed steel (as in the RX400h), again I was never happy with it in the old one. Of course a big difference in the back is the rear dvd system (ICE as they call it), lovely picture coupled with wireless headphones. The sat-nav is more superior, seems much more precise also encompasses the live traffic feed so it can automatically re-route your journey. You can always (whilst stationary) play dvds on it. Add to this it's ability to play mp3's and wma's (only on CD though, would have been nice on DVD too) and it's much more of what you'd expect on a high end SUV. I very easily got my phone to connect to the inbuilt Bluetooth although I seem unable to copy the contact list from it to the car - but I think that is due to my phone's inability rather than anything to do with the car. You can also save different drivers setting on the SatNav/Audio system, not really looked into much but I have come across it. The Mark Levinson is great again, my ears are good enough to be able to tell if the audio output from the new one is better or louder than my previous but it's at least as good.

- The ride

Not sure why but it seems a little stiffer than my old one, maybe just because it's still new. I don't mind this anyway as long as this new one doesn't keep having the same old air suspension troubles like my last. I think I had 3 or 4 new sensors on the RX300, I became paranoid that it was always tilting! Also thankfully no lunging with the new one, it moves much smoother through the gears - no sudden jerks and your off.

- The economy

Too early to say but if you believe the blurb it is more economical than the previous model, OK not by much but it's better.

- The sale

As you'd expect with Lexus, namely the Reading dealer (special thanks to James R + Steve O), they made it easy, smooth and fairly painless (would have been better if it had been a free upgrade!) for me to change vehicles. It is without question the main reason I choose another Lexus, the dealer coupled with the after sales service. I wandered into the odd BMW dealer in recent months but you just don't get the same feeling in there - more quantity than quality. I like dealing with Lexus, they have a great product backed by an even more important resource, the people.

So in summary was it a good move upgrading my perfectly good RX300 SE-L with 31k miles on the clock? Well the sensible thing to have done would have been to have kept the RX300, banked the money and I am sure it would have kept me happy but the RX350 doesn't just keep me happy it makes me very very excited! :D :D Yes I am glad I upgraded, thanks again to Lexus Reading but especially to my long suffering wife who finally agreed to sign off the new purchase. :)

Jason - just off to burn some more mp3's to play on that wonderful stereo...

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