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Hi Folks

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Hi Everyone

Everyone calls me Strangey, and I'm new to both Lexus and this forum.

Been a LR driver for about 10 years, but finally saw the light this month, when I bought my first Lexus.

What can I say, I wish I'd done it years ago. . . B)

I was looking to buy something newer, less thirsty and more reliable than my last rangie (2000 4.6) and wanted a car between 1 and 3 years old.

The cars I shortlisted were, Disco3, Toy otter amazon, another Rangie, Nissan Murano, and RX300.

The Disco 3 was very nice, but soooo expensive for the higher spec models, nice 2.7 diseasal though. The Rangie to expensive, swtsmbo hated the amazon "Its too big and I wont drive it". The Murano was nice, well equipped and bloody quick, but the dealers couldn't be bothered to call back :tsktsk: , that left the RX.

Swtsmbo said "I Like that" so we both drove it and looking at the spec and the way it drove, No Contest.

I am now a very happy Lexus Owner

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Cheers for the welcomes guys

Hope I dont have too many questions, but so far, looking through the archives has answered most of the more obvious ones.


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