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How To Post A Youtube Video - Instructions

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We have enabled a way for Members to add their favourite videos onto LOC for all to see and share all whithin the LOC forums.

All videos must be from for this to work.

How to add a YOUTUBE video

  1. Goto and select a favourite video. At the end of the web address you will see a 10 digit piece of code (usally after the = sign) copy this
  2. Then with this 10 digit code add it within the two BB codes.. here is a sample below.
    [media]Enter full youtube url[/media]

    You must add it between the two youtube codes for it to embed.

  3. Before posting Please click PREVIEW to see if your video worked.

All videos can also be rated. Rate the video you think is the best!

Rules: posting p*rn or anything that is classed as not family friendly will result in your account being closed indefinatly. Please do not ruin this feature for other members. If this gets abused then we will have to remove it from the boards altogether.

See my Sample Video

Thanks and Get posting!

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