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Essen Motor Show

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Hi Guys,

Yesterday I was in Essen at the Motorshow. Besides, looking at the very beautful IS430, I got the chance to talk to the TTE People to answer my questions.

So I would like to share my knowledge with all team members. I guess some of your questions in the other postings might be answered.

1) TTE Compressor, how much the price and how to proceed ?

If you intend to install a tte compressor then you have to go your local dealer who then will contact TTE. The kit will be installed in Cologne only ( that goes for Germany customers don't know if it applies to Non-german customers). The local dealer will send or you will have to chance to drive yourself to the European HQ in Cologne. In the normal situation the fixing is done within one day. You will have the chance to visit cologne and in the afternoon you can have the car back. The Kit will costs including fixing and TÜV( Certification for German Traffic regulation) around 6000 EURO. Of course you will need to contact your insurance company about it.

2) Wouldn't it be wiser to sell the IS200 and get the IS300 instead, cause 6000 EURO is not a bargain ?

Well it is a good question, but TTE assured me that the IS300 (I think only in Germany) will not be delivered with 6 Manual GEAR box. There are no plans to ship that car with a manual gear box in the future!!!!!!

Maybe that is his selling strategy to sell more of their compressors.

3) How much is fuel consumption with the compressor and without ?

To my surprise the TTE Compressor is said to add consumption by only 3% on the regular IS200. I do not know if that is really true, but at least the TTE Person told me so.

4) Do I have to lower my car if I apply a compressor ?

It is recommendable because the compressor is said to be quite brutal. They also said, that it is wise not to lower the car too much. 30mm is just fine. The IS430 like it was presented at the show is lowered at its max, and said to be perfect for racing on a track, and not on everyday use. Hower, the car does not rattle and vibrates even though it is lowered at the lowest possible level.

5) Xenon lights for older IS Models ?

Theoretically it is possible, but anyways, the problem applies with the law. The regulation requires you to install an automatice regulator for your lights, in case you are carry loads in your car, the lights have to be able to adjust themselves, which is not given in the older IS models. So installing those automation will increase the installation considerably, that it would not pay off.

6) HP of the IS 430

Well the car is fixed with a compressor and has 404 BHP.

7)Do Air filters, Intakes, Muffler increase HP?

Air Filters ? No, cause the engine is intelligent enough to adapt itself to changes in the environment. So if you install air filters in your car, it will adjust itself to its normal condition. So no effect

Intakes ? Not very much, well at least you won't feel anything., Maybe you have the feeling of any improvements due to different sound.

Muffler ? Will help slightly, cause the muffler has less resistance to the engine, and might increase your power slightly, not much at max 1-2 Hp.

All I say is that if you really want to increase power, install the compressor. The TTE Person told me that definitly

that is the only solution for a car. Since I do not have that kind of comprssor in my car he asked me for a test drive, which I am going to do after christmas, will tell you more about it........

Hey the guy gave me his name card. If I have talked to him for a while and he knows me better I might ask him to join our forum. That would definitely make our forum here much more interesting....what do you guys think ?????

Enjoy and talk to you soon


[Edited on 9-12-2001 by weltmeister]

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weltmeister,thaks for the info,i already knew the story on the IS430,plus a little more that i have prommissed not to divulge at the moment,i have a very good "contact " at TTE,and as such will find out much good news in the future,he will be looking at the site soon as he has finnished at Essen,so i think maybe we have the same contact, i will ask you his name off list to keep his identity quiet,but yes,i am paying them a visit again in the new year,to have my catalytic converters modifyied and possibly getting the 300kph clocks fitted

everything bar a few items are true about the supercharger,ask me in PM,and i'll let you kow some other things about it

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