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Competition: Find The Snowmen Competition

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Welcome to the LOC Search for the Snowmen Competition.

The prize is a box of LOC goodies

* T-Shirt

* Cap

* CD Case

* Club Coffee Mug

* Leather Coaster

* 1 Year Free Gold Membership

The Competition

Here is the competition and what you have to do to try and win the pack.

First off is 2 clues to the name of a threads. Then once you figure out the threads you need to find Snowmen in this threads.

Here Goes:

Clue #1: I jumped and went all red. A thread with 327 replies helped many people with illness but I nearly lost my balls doing so.

Clue #2: I recently announced i have some of my own space...

Figure this out and find the Snowmen.. remember you need to post up 2 urls of the snow men.

Then the first person to post the page urls and page number wins the pack.

Rule: Anyone can join in apart from staff members. ;)

Members must not post 1 thread.. must post 2. By posting 1 thread the whole competition ends and everyone loases. So if anyone finds 1 then they should please keep it to themselves. Prevoius winners cannot not participate.

Here is what snowman looks like


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