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Gs300 Fuel Cutoff Switch?


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Hi all, This is my first post, so apologies if I've made a mistake.

I need some advice. I have a GS300 (Vreg 2000 model) which was involved in an accident. It continued to drive after the accident for about two months and then one day just refused to start. I've checked the Battery etc and all seems ok. I suspect it could be a fuel cutoff of some kind. Is this likely?? and if so, can anyone advise as to where the fuel cutoff switch would be located. Many thanks.

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Hi Ali and Wlecome.

Cut off switches generally tend to cut in when the car is involved in an accident.

If you've been driving it for 2 months then i dont think its going to be the fuel cut off switch mate, its defo something else.

Exactly how is it not starting, what kinda noise is it making whilst trying to start?

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On some Ford cars, the fuel cut off switch used to be located in the space where the spare tyre sits in the boot. If you had accidentally pushed it in when pushing the spare tyre in, the car would not start.

To rule things out, I would suggest fishing around in the boot. Although, to this date I have never heard of a user accessible fuel cut off switch on a Lexus.

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Theres a fair few places that fuel cut off switch could be, and you could spend a fair few weekends looking for it.

Might be best to go and ask Lexus themselves. They should be able to tell you if it has one and where it should be.

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