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Piece Of Body Work Falling Off

simon k

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i was coming down the M1 and could hear a tapping noise on the window, the trim between the door and glass on the passenger door had come off and was hitting against the glass, anybody else had this problem?

it wont go back in place as its now bent.

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yes the black shiny bit with the rubber on it, cant see how it could have got caught, i thought it may have been the wind as i was driving down the motorway?

Tiut Tut - how fast were you going...naughty boy

Anyway, if it's not damaged other than when it fell off or banged about then the dealer should replace/repair

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Anyone know how much this piece might cost? The one on my front passenger-side door is creased at several points along it's length, as though someone has pulled it off and bent/straightened it a few times in the process...


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