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Is200 With Am/fm/dab Aerial Replacement Possible?

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As I'm not getting any response from the audio/electric forum, I have double posted here. Apologies if this broke any forum rules.

I'm planning to get a DAB radio for my IS200, few queries. I know a glass mounted one can be used, but signal strength is a concern and it looks cluttered.

Is it possible to remove the factory aerial and use an aftermarket AM/FM/DAB combo one?

Is the aerial amplified, if not can I use this?

How to remove the aerial base?

Does the factory radio have a standard AM/FM aerial connector?

How is the cable from aerial to radio routed, and how much pain is it to gain access to it?

Any experience with either the Revo or ICS100?

Comments appreciated.

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I have not taken the aerial off my car but i have taken the rear pillars out to take off a mobile phone aerial off my rear screen, the lead for this run through the headliner.

As a guess and memory i would say the aerial is routed from the head unit going drivers side of the car and up through the head liner.

I think you would probably get away with unclipping the rear section of the headliner to put the new aerial in place.

Best person to advise on this i would say is Mat, as he has probably seen every inch of the monster.

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