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Lower Ball Joint Had Gone

sorted vti

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hey guys

past week or so steering has felt very strange. it didnt want to return to the straight position with very much ease. i just put this down to the front shock absorbers need replacing. but on my way home last night the steering got really bad and it was almost like the power steering failed and i had to drag the steering wheel back to the straight position. minutes after this happening the car collapsed at the nearside front. luckily i was only driving at about 20mph and it didnt cause any damage. but got out the car and the wheel was 90degrees to the car, resting on the wing. had a look and the lower balljoint had snapped at the joint. oh and it decided to do this right in the middle of the road where people had to go up the cental reservation to get past. got a bit scared when the lorrys came past!!!!

oh well these things happen. so ive phoned sc motor factors in sidcup and they have given me a price of £42+vat. which i didnt feel was too bad. on ebay they are there for £44+p&p so theres a little difference there. got the price from sidcup because i emailed alot of suppliers about my front shocks and they were the cheapest by far, so figured id order the ball joints aswell with them. so just waiting for them to ring me back and i can order them.

the good news is my air filter and spark plugs arrived today so i can go fit them. yay. oh and the headlight stalk arrived for my corsa yesterday so i have another car to drive. phew!!!!

anyway thats my long story. :D

if you guys can get these parts cheaper then let us know cos im sure others may start going. mines at 100,000 miles so not sure if this happens to alot of them or its just my car. so watch out for your steering aswell people.

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because sc in medway city gave me a higher price than what sidcup branched priced them at. by over £10 each. same as ajays. i rung them all in the medway towns and maidstone.

stupid really u would think they would all be the same price.

p.s il ring my mate about that graphic

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i would of thought if you went in there and said you can get it cheaper at sidcup tey should drop it and say i sent you (luton garage) it may help we used them quite a bit as they have the better looking van drivers but it took to long for the bits

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hahaha. yeah maybe. just hard to get the time off work to go in. go up to london alot now so can stop off at sidcup on the way.

yeah i know what u mean about the drivers. when i used to go up and see a mechanic friend they used to come in when i was there. trouble is he has had s*x with most of them already. lol

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