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Main Dealer Or Independant?

Tony C

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Hi Guys.

I asked this a short while ago and did not get that many replies and I would appreciate your advice, knowledge and experience.

I have an IS200, 2000 on a 'W' 33,000 miles. It has a full Lexus service history. This year I need to replace the cambelt and have the intermediate service. Total cost £500.

A local engineer and IS200 owner will do the work for £200.

I will probably part ex the car next year, so I wonder if the history will make that much difference on a car that is 7 years old?



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i dont think it will make much diference when you trade in a car of this age,can the engineer stamp the service history book?if not keep all your reciepts for parts.

i'd say you would get mor for the car selling private with that low milage :)

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Hi Tony

I got my IS200 from a Car supermarket with a 3 yr warranty only valid if I serviced it at regular intervals. I thought that was a pain as my nearest Leccy dealers are all at least 30 miles away.

I queried this and the warranty is valid with any Garage's stamp doesn't have to be Lexus so they don't seem too bothered.

As a follow on - to be safe on the first service (3 year old first MOT) I took it to the local Toyota dealer who polished it - changed the plugs and the window washer fluid (or so it seemed) and charged me £138 and left a note saying the discs were corroded and would need changing soon.

I went to my local garage - which I have dealt with for years and trust. He changed discks all round and pads all round for £300 - he MOT's it and services it with no problem. Well apart from the first time he did it - he rang me and asked if the engine warning light was on when I dropped it off... turns out it came on cos he'd disconnected something and he rang one of his mates to find out how to reset it!

Anyway - the moral for me is - a good mechanic is a good mechanic. If your dealer has one great if not and you find a trusted one then he'll cope - it's only a glorified Toyota after all.

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Just as long as the mechanic uses genuine toyota/lexus parts then there wont be a problem.

Thanks for the advice.

I have already bought the cambelt/tensioner/oil filter from Lexus.

I would not use pattern parts as I have read stories of inaccurate oil filter pressure valves causing engine wear.

Will problably sell the car next year as it is getting on despite it being immaculate and low on mileage. I looked at the Audi TT, nice car but their reliabilty record is way down.

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