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Pictures Of My Car


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Gave the car a quick wash this morning so I thought I'd take a few pics :winky: I've just had the wing and bumper resprayed so that's why I've still not got round to fitting the front license plate










Still waiting on new exhaust, hopefully sometime this week. Which is why you might see a bit of wood between the rear lip and exhaust :blush:

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looks nice..

where did u get that centre armrest from?

Bought it off Bretster. Its not the Lexus one but you get to keep the whole pocket underneath.

Very nice... :)

whats the new exhaust?.... i think it's calling out for dual exit myself

Just to finish off the rest of the 3" system. Don't want to be losing power because the exhaust is too small.

must admit im very tempted to trade my is200 for a tezza. yours is an outstanding example.

can i ask how old she is?

51 Plate. Now done nearly 42k miles

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Eyelids need to come off for respraying. Might fit the ones that go straight across instead.

Lee I agree mate it would look better with tinted headlights but unfortunately thats waaaayyy down the list of things to do. :lol:

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