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Gord Has Finally "come Out"


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Gord came to my house yesterday (and caught me cleaning my car!! :o) and since it was a nice day we took some pics of his new car. Must say it looks stunning.

Its an Imola Red BMW 330D M Sport with full leather and M Sport Pack; which means it 15mm lower then a standard 3 series. The performance as standard its 204bhp, 410NM torque and 0 - 60 in 7secs. Gords is 265Bhp, with around 505NM torque and estimated 0 - 60 in 5.9sec (but obviously this is not official) if he can change from 1st quick enough! The potential is there to tune it up more too.

With all that power, the car still does 43MPG as a combined cycle and almost 50MPG on a run! :duh:

The only visual mods so far are 35% Tints all round and 19" Genuine AC Schnitzer alloys, but I know Mr Gord has much more planned ;)

The radio is :tsktsk: however!! :P :P :P Come on Lexus!!

Here come the pics:






Might get some pics of his "hair dresser" VXR next week ;)

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WOW that looks just like mine :lol: now i know what you was taking pics for :lol:

See you next week mate :winky:

To take pics of your "hair dresser car" VXR ?:P. I'm not in Ahmet/Waddy/Niraj league in my photography skills, but the more practice the better I get ;)

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Aye loads of torque there, bet this thing is quicker than mine from the get go!

It's a well nice car too, had a look last time I was up Charlesworth, it's a minter :)

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When I saw you the other day and caught a glimpse of the Beemer I must admit I thought it was a ruddy nice car. Since then both my Uncle and my Mum have been sourcing quotes for me on one and it turned out to be cheaper than a Lex, but I still love the Lex and still on course for one.

Lovely car.


Are you sure it was a 330d coupe they asked quotes for? or maybe a 318?..... :blink:

can't imagine a standard 2.0lt 153bhp IS200 would cost more than Zee germans finest..... could be wrong though :blush:

BTW Gord..... very nice :D

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Haven't heard of any horror stories with Lexus, whereas i have heard of guys who due to their age and budget bought "older" bmws and then got hit with a few huge repair bills down the line.... ;)

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Yes it was a 318 in all honesty :) opinions? - maybe preferable in a new post, unless Anees doesn't mind.


Don't mind at all! :D Have a look on Parkers for the insurance groups. The IS 200 SE is group 12, with the Sport Group 14/15 I think. The BMW 330D Sport is Group 16. 330D Coupe is 17.

The 316/318 I think are going to be quite hard to find in the M Sport package (with the different bumper, skirts, rear bumper like Gords) which I think really makes the car look special.

I have to say with the Lexus you do get the feeling of rock solid engineering with everything working dependabily as it should. I'm sure we will see what its like with the BMW.

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