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Interested in buying my first Lexus (GS300) as a present to myself for all my hard work recently (!!), came across the site and obviously had to join :D Have had a good look around and it seems that there is a mine of useful info here that will help me convince my wife that they aren't expensive to run :winky:

I'll have a search for buying tips now......



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Welcome to LOC :)

Which model of the GS300 are you interested in?

Mk 1....not exactly 'flush' at the moment (recently started a new practice) and hoping to pick up a reasonable example for £2-3k....time will tell!

Thanks for the welcome :)

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Well I found early Mk 1 GS Sport with FSH and under 100k. Can't wait to pick it up on Monday!! :D

I think I've struck lucky. Picked it up today, really nice condition '96 Mk 1 Sport with 10" rears that have recently been stripped and powder coated, FSH with 93k on the clock and drives really nicely. Couple little electrical gremlins (nsr rear window decides whether to open or not, drivers heated seat not working) but otherwise looking good. Sure is different to the Mondeo I chopped in for it, and all for under £2k...bargain :D

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Nice one mate, glad you got a nice one, they are great cars, first car I ever sat in from LOC that wasn't mine was Paul Norkett's and I just thought "wow" :)


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