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Tesco Super Unleaded Petrol


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Not only does every little help... so does the SEARCH BUTTON!

It means you can join in with other conversations and might even find some interesting information as well... like the comparison between Optimax / BP and Tesco by a tunning company etc....

Welcome to the forum by the way :)

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Is it just me, or is this the strongest in the UK? It says it's 99RON :P

Every little helps :lol:

It's not 'stronger', it has an equivalent resistance to pre-ignition as that of petrol composed of 99% pure octane. The calorific content (ie the heat obtained by burning the fuel) per litre is more or less exactly the same from standard 95RON to 99RON.

However, higher-octane fuels tend to contain other additives which may (or may not) help with mpg, throttle response etc. If they do, this is largely because these additives contain cleaners which when used long-term may help clean the engine thus allowing it to run more efficiently. Note the use of words like 'may' and 'if' in that statement... For example, Shell V-Power or BP Ultimate do contain such additives, common-or-garden supermarket fuel might or might not depending which bunker their delivery tanker filled up from that morning at the depot.

Personally I think it's cobblers unless your engine is more prone to knock, for example having a high-compression engine (possibly turbo- or supercharged) and/or you run your ignition on non-standard timing settings. Also you should use it if your vehicle requires it (ie some Jap imports). UK-spec vehicles almost always only require 95RON fuel.

But that said, others here report differently, though the jury is still out on whether it's just psychological or not. Either way, the differences are only minimal for standard vehicles.


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