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Limewire Issues


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Does anyone know of any P2P software such as limewire, as a friend of mine can't load Limewire in english she says it loads in german :duh: help??

download another version make sure its in the English version simple as that. :D Or else she has her PC language set to German

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I agree use bitcomet or Utorrent and download whatever you want that way.


how much does it cost ?

i am wary of programs that wont tell you how much till you have downloaded it !!

its free barry - if you have landed on a site that charges for the software then you are being ripped off!!!!

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WinMX ain't old school :lol:

BitTorrents were created as a peer to peer protocol, basically you connect to a tracker which lists the other users and then you share data between yourselves, once you have the whole file your client changes behaviour to seed mode which means it just uploads to other users, it's a shared mechanism, with previous peer to peer systems you downloaded all of the data from a particular person, with Torrents it's all shared so no one ever really saturates their connection.

I class old school as the BBS days, way before anyone ever used the internet, those were the days :)

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