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Well, This May Be It Finally!

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Well, after all that hasseling and stressing I have hopefully found my Lexus. It is an IS200 Sport in Strathcaron Blue and is a 2002 model.

I've dropped the deposit on it, pending the documentation been fine and sound.

It was extrmely short notice today that I asked if anyone could attend with me to ensure that all is well with the car and I appreciate that I received no responses.

However, if it is possible for anyone to attend with me this weekend to give the car a once over check that would make everything brilliant. I've checked the bodywork etc. and all this seems brill but I would appreciate a second opinion.

Before I commit to this sale on Sunday and hand over the lolly, could anyone help me please? This is the only thing that worries me. Other than this I am chuffed to bits - it's everything I wanted so I'm delighted! :D :lol:

Many thanks,


P.S. I'll get some pics up in a bit!

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Is it from a garage / Lexus Dealer? If Lexus should have an RAC check with it ( for what it's worth ) plus guarantee on service history etc. If it's private just make sure you take someone with you even if it's not to look at the car ;) You can't be too careful these days :(

Hope it goes well for you.

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Hello there all!

Okie dokie, I will be going to collect the car on Sunday (documentation and overview from yourselves pending) at around 4:30pm. Would this be ok? Would you be able to give the engine a once over - any unusual sounds etc.? Thank you...

Just uploading images to photobucket now,


Okay, here it is!












A well chuffed Jamie

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To clear up a couple of points.

1. The sport did not come with the sports grill - that is an aftermarket add-on

2. The chrome tip was stopped in 2002 when they switched to full chrome of the actual pipe rather than an add on.

3. i dont know about the tinted windows, true early sports had them.

Check the V5, check it has alloy pedals (inc footrest), sills and two-tone steering wheel - those are all sport features.

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