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Sc430 Interior Light


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Been getting an intermittent problem with the driver's-side overhead interior light . Sometimes it comes on when its pushswitch is operated - and sometimes it doesn't! Ditto when either the driver's or passenger's door is opened.

At first I wondered if it could be low Battery volts after standing overnight but I get the same problem when the engine's running.

Could it be a sticky relay somewhere?

Anyone know what the circuit is for these lights - any suggestions appreciated.


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Sounds like something simple eg a poor connection between the bulb and its socket.

I dont think there are any relays specific to the interior lights as they are low power.

I did have a problem with intermittant connection on a door switch on an old celica but dont know if they improved the design on the SC.



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Yeah, it's all a bit more complex than it used to be Paul :-).

I'm reckoning there's a relay or other electronics in there somewhere 'cos the driver and passenger overhead lights, footwell lights and courtesy lights are all supposed to come on when you unlock with the remote - before either door gets opened. They all come on apart from the driver's side which only comes on now and then. The other reason for thinking there's some electronics in there is that the lights take about half a second or so to fully light up - so I don't think it's just a closing contact.

Anyone know how to get the cover off the roof mounted light housing?

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