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Telescopic Steering Column Not Working


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On my first Lexus so I'm not sure whether this question should be in the LS thread or is maybe generic Lexus....

Anyhoo, the telescopic function on the steering column is no longer working, although the tilt function is fine.

Is this likely to be fuse/chip related or am I more likely to need the motor replacing?

A replacement motor sounds expensive, but my legs are longer than my arms!

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I just joined the Lexus Club so I could participate in this thread. I just got back my 1998 LS400 from its 90,000 mile check (including the replacement of timing belts--ouch!), and noticed that all my seat, radio, etc. settings were gone. As I readjusted the driver's seat for a new setting I became aware for the first time that while the steering column would go up and down, it would not go back and forth--except for about 1/8th inch with a low volume groan. Lexus service said that it was the fault of a bad motor--which, unlike the up and down motor, comes attached to a huge hunk of steering column. Anyway, the quoted cost of the part alone was more than $1,400 dollars, with a total repair cost of about $2,200. The service manager authorized a reduction to $1,560. This morning I tried to check for "secret warranties" in Google and used the NHTSA Web site to check for Lexus technical service bulletings which might indicate this was a not uncommon failure and their willingness--if pressed--to do better than a 30% discount. I didn't turn up anything. Has anyone checked into this? Does anyone know of Lexus paying more to fix this kind of problem?

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Check this out

I was looking at a 430 today with no movement at all on steering column,just a slight clicking noise,i am also looking for a solution.


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