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What Do You Do For A Living?


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Hi all, not being nosey but just wondering what fellow Lexus owners do for a living to keep there 'baby' up to scratch and on the road. Thought it might be interesting to find out what we all do!!!

I will get the ball rolling........ I am a Train Driver, not alot more you can say to that. :shifty:

Regards Pumatron. :D

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I'm a Control and instrument Maintainance technician at the Power Station in Heysham.

Basically i calibrate Tempreture and Pressure controllers, things like that.

Did an apprenticeship straight from school and never regretted it. Moneys pretty good compared to other jobs in the area as well, so its all good.


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I'm a practicing alcoholic as well as a senior IT consultant, worked all over the world and for one of the worlds largest IT companies, moved on to a smaller business process outsourcing company now as there's less political nonsense and less red tape :)

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Until recently I had the perfect job then a greedy american company bought the one I worked for and replaced me with 1/2 a graduate in Bangalore.

Now I'm an IT Contractor :)

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