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Time To Change The Sparks/cambelt


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Hi All,

I'm going to give myself a meachanical challenge by changing the spark plugs from on my GS 300 (MKII). It would seem a straight forward job, but it looks like I'm going to remove the inlet manifold. If so, could someone inform me what gasket parts I need to order??

In terms of the cambelt (a job too big me), it looks like I'm going to either ask me local mechanic to sort out or lexus. I hear that its quite a job for non-lexus mechanics to take off one of the nuts off. So should I risk a non-lexus mechanic try to take it off or should I try Lexus.

Any guidance greatly appreciated.


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Hi mate

If your going to get a fitter to do it like someone from kwik fit for example then no!

But if your going to get a mechanic to do it then yes cos its all a matter of taking nuts and bolts off plus they will have manuals and guidlines etc depends on if they are reputable garage mechanic or cowboys!

I have had lots of work done from idependant mechanics and it has been excellent whilst saving money!

And to be honest mate I went to lexus Reading a while ago to get my car serviced and the mechanics looked like they had just left school they were so young and I was shocked, I was expecting someone experienced more mature to be in there, but then again with Lexus if anything goes wrong they back it up fully!

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The belt and tensioner come to about £75, 2 hour labour, should be looking at £200 in total. Think Lexus charge about £400! Get a local garage to do, just not Kwik-Fit as puresilks advised.

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If the guy you're thinking of has a good reputation, then I'm sure it'll be fine. It's only a cambelt, and some of those Honda engines are pretty complex too so he's no doubt well skilled in such things.

With the sparkers, I'd keep to the original spec. Since they last 60k miles, is it really worth saving a few quid on cheap plugs that may not run so well?

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