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Passenger Outside Mirror Glass Replacement


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So, we have a 2002 ES 300 with the passenger mirror broken. The housing is okay, so all I need to do is replace the actual glass (mirror) peice. The glass has wires going to it (several) so it is either heated or this helps rememeber position; but I do not know. The glass is a very expensive part, from the dealer is over $300 USD, but it appears I have no choice as I have not been able to find one after-market.

When I examine the back of the mirror, I see plastic clips and guides, some have broken off and thus why it will no longer stay on (the mirror is not cracked, just has broken clips). The question is when I buy a new one is this a part that I can somehow slide into place or do I have to remove the entire assembly, disassemble it to get it back as a fully functioning unit. Does anyone have the method to do this or can you point me to a book that would show how to do this?

Thanks for helping a yank! B)

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Dont know about the ES300 but on the IS tilt the mirror downwards and with your finger tips holding the back of the glass pull forwards with a little bit of pressure and it should come off, fitting is just a matter of lining it all up and connecting the wires first and and pressing on.

Hope this helps and let us know how you get on. :D

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