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Will This Actually Do Anything?

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Ebay link

Increase Torque

Increase Fuel Economy

Car Response Up

Stable Idling

Quick Engine Start

Lesser Engine Noise

Optimize Electrical Equipment performance

* To improve engine performance. Car's CPU is highly dependent on all sensors that provide data and signals to coordinate different parts in different places. CPU can give best judgment if the signal is accurate which affected by electricity flow in the system. Hence a stable and powerful electrical system in car will ensure best torque and response.

* Installation of the Stabilizer is very simple. Connect red wire to Battery positive and blue wire to negative.

* Racing Charging System store electrical energy at all time to provide stable and sufficient electrical energy whenever there is a voltage drop across the supply when power needed from all parts in the car

* Racing Charging System can filter out electrical noise and eliminate irregular current flow in the car electrical system. The special circuit designs to help to maximize car performance at all time

* Size: 4" x 2" x 1" (smaller size but greater performance)

Will it actually help the performance of my IS200?

Feel free to call me a gullible t*****r if it won't do anything. just intriged.

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No actual information of what it is, or what it does.

So, either is an empty box or a resistance mod.

Anyway, no, regardless of what it is, it wont do any of what you posted, and more than likely, will do more harm than good.

Good tip for you - if its on ebay and sounds too good to be true, it is. No exceptions.

Especially if its something youve never heard of before.

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In our school the chemistry teacher would send a kid down to the maths teacher (typically on April 1st) to ask for a "pendulum bob". Of course, the maths teacher (Bob Childs) would bellow at the poor kid when he asked for one!

Happy days! :)

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