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Exhaust Manifold


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It's an apexi turbo conversion.

Just got to do manifold and remove all the bracing from under then its ready.

I've got a few boxes of guages, body kit and other electrial gear sitting in the garage ready to go back on when its passed.

I'm in Ipswich suffolk.

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is the turbo top mounted on the apexi manifold or is the turbo right down at the bottom

I do have a rs manifold stored away at home as I'm running with the tom's 1 on so a lend could be done, it'll need 1 stud putting in as we snapped it taking the manifold off

BUT it's not something that I can afford to lose or get damaged

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I'm down in Dorset

it's a bit funny you know, because I've been thinking about turbo'ing my tezza (for some time no lol) I would be interested in borrowing your manifold for a bit if that's a pos,

reason why is I work with stainless steel so I would make my own manifold and exhaust system, but not to sure what the relationship between the turbo and engine flange is so that I can get it modeled up in 3D

I don't have the facilities at home to be able to take my manifold off to find out how much space I've got in there or the down time on the car

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