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Hi all, I'm thinking about buying a 2000 X reg Lexus RX300 SE, full dealer service history, 36,350 miles. I've taken the car for a test drive and it seems like a very well looked after (loved!) car, and it drives really well.

Does anyone have any tips on what to look out for in way of imperfections and things that can go wrong on an older car or anything else that I should be aware of ? :D

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They are practically bulletproof.

The one you are looking at is low mileage and FLSH If so then you should not have any problems.

FSH is the most important thing.

My car has covered 90K and still drives like a new motor. No problems to report.

I keep saying I will change her but I just can't find a reason to do so!

Welcome to LOC and enjoy your motor.


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I would mirror T7RYB's comments. Mine is an X reg with 70k miles. Still feels like new and a joy to drive.

Imperfections - not really an imperfection but if it has the built in sat nav ask how old the map is. If you need a new one there is a link in LOC somewhere to a mapupdate website. A new DVD will set you back £108. The sat nav is excellent but doesnt have some of the search facilities that newer ones have eg search by postcode.

Things that go wrong - nothing so far beyond normal wear and tear eg brake discs and pads.

Other things to be aware of - as a Mk1 RX owner you are part of a more exclusive club that the Mk2 - that is based on how many I see of each type on the road.

Excellent car - and when you have it become a Gold LOC memebr and get good discounts on your servicing. Lexus Edinburgh always seem to get a good write up from members too.

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