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Hey guys pretty sure my bearings are going not sure which ones tho, the noise is slowly getting louder, i think its the front left not sure really

Also is it best to replace all of them at the same time or just as they go???

Anyone know on prices and if there easy to fit yourself??

Cheers Elliott

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replace as they go, no need at all to replace in pairs. you could pay the lexus prices but i suggest finding out the bearing number and see how much it costs from a bearing factor - i suspect it will be a lot cheaper....

you can do it yourself but u will need access to a hydraulic press to remove and install the bearings.

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Best way to check your bearings is to jack the car up and with your hands either side try to rock the wheel left and right. (left hand pulls right hands pushes and then vice versa)

If the wheel seems to wobble in your hands the bearing is worn, also whilst it's jacked up spin the wheel and listen for a whirring sound.

I wouldn't recommend changing them yourself, as fluff34567 states you will need a press to release the old bearing. It's not worth trying to cut or break up the bearing as some people do, this can lead to damaged hub carrier.

Don't forget after you've changed a bearing it can throw the settings out for tracking etc.

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