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They are all pretty similar really - I use Carlack68 (some know it as "Klasse") and P21s products, because they are largely non-abrasive. Autoglym I thought is abrasive...if so use with caution...on really bad oxidized bits...

There all similar, I use Autoglym because it's easy to get hold of not too expensive and I have been happy with all the results I have had. it's just getting used to using a certain product.

If your car is a little grubby or you havn'e polished it before but is genrally good then use the red one (super resin pollish) once buffed off to a shine use the gold one (Extra gloss protection),it goes on like water, leave it for an hour untill it goes milky then knacker your elbow up good and proper by buffing it off, you will need plenty of cloths about 3-4 microfibre ones to get it all shiney and streak free. hard work and takes about 2-5 hours depending how bad your car is and how good you want the finnish but it's worth it in the end!

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I use the Autoglym ultra deep shine (think that's what its called, the one with the black label) as the final layer and it does give very impressive results (isn't even that hard to apply)

I don't actually put any wax on top, not sure if you're supposed to or not, but the results are very good

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