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Problem With My Soarer 2.5 Tt


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i had bought somedays ago my first Soarer

its an 1993 Twin Turbo with Automatic

It have an Aftermarket Exhaust from the Downpipe (2.5 Inch i think (later Dual 2") does the Soarer have only 1 Maincar or also a Pre-Cat in the Downpipe?

So a Maincat i dont have!

i had find out some problems...

i cant push the car 100% ... over 4000 RPM its feels like overboosting or not enough fuel... its stuttering... strange noise from the exhaust ... than its push strong... than again stuttering....

when i only give ~80% throttle ... than its looks all okay ... but sometimes i feel small stuttering above 4500 also!

so whats wrong?

I had today look for the fuel filter... its looks very very old... so i order a new one (i have to wait somedays to get it)

i also want change tomorrow the spark plugs. I have a set of IK24 laying here... i had bought it for my Supra... but on the Soarer its also works .... so :D

what else i can check?

thanks for your help

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Hi Bulldoge and Welcome to LOC :)

If you dont get any replies on here to your problems.

Im sure this forum wont mind be posting where you will have more luck getting all the answers to your questions.

Try asking on Here..

Hope you do stick around on here.

Good Luck.

Let us know how you get on for future Ref for other members ;)



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