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Legal Assistance, Would Be Very Grateful!


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in a spot of bother with a service that we agreed to buy over the phone then signed an agreement for... :blush:

trouble is, it's business to business & i've just discovered this isn't covered in the Distance Selling Regulations :o

basically, this company phoned us offering a 'free' leisure service (sorry it's vague, just don't want to be too specific!) for 2 years in return for advertising space at our premises/inclusion on their website & a fee of £995+vat for said advertising. expressed the fee was for the advertising & NOT the free service in their agreement.

since the 1st cold call from them, cancellation rights have not been advised to us.

we signed the agreement & 22 actual days later, i emailed them to advise no longer wanted to proceed as we'd had a large & unexpected business bill over xmas (which was true, unfortunately).

they are still chasing us for payment & i have been unable to get confirmation by phone or email that they will cancel this agreement.

has my small business got a leg to stand on? if i was a consumer, distance selling regs would cover me as no cancellation terms have been advised, but as a business, it seems you have to fend for yourself...

i've trawled thru the net for the past 4 hours & am getting nowhere fast, so any info would be much appreciated :)

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Is there anything in the small print of the document you signed (assuming of course you've got a copy for yourself)?

Have you tried asking Consumer Direct anyway?

nothing at all in the small print on the agreement i signed... :duh:

i don't think consumer direct will be able to help as it's business to business, but i've plonked them in my favourites 'just in case' :D

thanks x

I think unfortunatley for buisness contracts you have to read the cancellation policy and charges set out in the agreed contract.

If there isnt one, well, there shouldnt be any charges should there ;)

i'm really hoping this is where i can trip them up, if they haven't advised a cancellation policy, how can they enforce one?! :blink:

i should find out later today - just bracing myself for a few heated phone calls... :shifty:

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I too hope you get it sorted, but I would play it safe and get some legal advice. It may be worth it in the long run - the last thing you want is a court summons!

I always thought that with cold callers you have only 7 (or is it 14) days as per the consumer credit act? Does that apply to business's though? Dunno.

Maybe I'm asking more questions than helping here, but I really do think you need to get some expert help. It's a lot of dosh...

Good luck!!

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Just a thought but Jamboo's footer says

'Its never what you know, it's always who you know'

But is the company local to anyone who may know them or know someone who works there?

Worth a try.

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thanks for the extra replies guys :)

(FYI the cooling off period with cold callers only applies business to consumer, business to business it's all about their terms & conditions).

at the moment, i'm waiting for replies back on legal advice and the company concerned - when i finally managed to speak to someone yesterday, after 3 phone calls & no promised callbacks :tsktsk: , it seemed a classic case of left hand not knowing what the right was doing, abysmal communication between staff at a supposed large & successful company...

as it stands at the moment, i don't really want to name them just yet - but that may change after i've had my replies! :shifty:

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