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Depo Led-cluster And Load Resistor

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I have these Depo LED Lights as well, and I am having the same problem :( Anyone got a solution to this? And replacing your lights with newer 1s, does that help? Or is the problem forever stuck on these lights??

Pleaseeeeeee Help :( Its doin my head in, i wish i never bought these now i gota go through hassle writing letter an getting these replaced.

Dunno if i cud get a refund out of it.

I know this has been covered before, but all people have mentioned is that they have got replacements. But does that fix the problem for good? thats what i would like to know.

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newer LED lights will not help as its the fact that led's just dont draw as much current as a normal filament lamp thats the prob so the only way must be a load resistor accross the lamp without removing the warning system.

if you know the wattage of the old lamps and the wattage/mA's of the led's i can work out what resistance is needed in order to match the original current draw.


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Thanks for your reply :)

Well im sure i could google the voltage or watts of a standard rear lamp of an is200 and i could prob somehow find out the watts of the depo lights.

So all you need is the 2 figures so u can match it? would i need some kind of hardware or new wiring to set this up?

I will be passing this info on to a technician to look into, as i wont have a scooby of wot im doing myself.

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all anyone would need to know is the supply voltage and the two wattages to work out the difference in current draws and then work out what resistance is needed to equal the original oem lamp draw.

________________P(w) _______________________V

............................./....\.............................................. /.....\


the two triangles above make it easy to work out

(P) power =(V) Volts x (I)Amps therefore if you need to know the current draw(I) you divide the (P) wattage by the (V) supply voltage

the other triangle works the same

p.s ignore the horizontal lines only way i could get them to line up!

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