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Problems With Rx400h Imported From The Us

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I have recently imported a 2006 RX400h (1st reg 10/05) from Texas to Norway.

I have experienced the following problems which the local dealer in Norway say they can do nothing about (they are not really interested in helping me):

1. The navigation system doesn't work (position is correct, but have no map and local dealer says they can't put in a "European map")

2. The radio doesn't work properly

3. Cannot reprogram inside and outside temp display from Fahrenheit to Celcius

Does anyone know what modifications need to be done to the car's navigation system be able to use the navigation system in Europe ?

Is the local Norway dealer correct when they claim the European map DVD will not go with the US version of the navigation system ?

Does anyone know what modifications need to be done to the car's radio to be able to fully use the radio in Europe? The FM frequencies in US go in increments of 20 MHz (FM 102.9, 103.1, 103.3 etc.) while here in Europe the FM frequencies go in increments of 10 MHz (FM 102.9, 103.0, 103.1, 103.2 etc.). Can the radio be modified (change the synthesizer tuner) or do I have to buy a new "European" Lexus radio ?

How can the display for inside and outside temperature be reprogrammed from Fahrenheit to Celsius ? (even on my friend's new Mustang or in a new Jaguar this is easily done).

Can the odometer display be reprogrammed to read kilometers instead of miles.

Many thank for any help !

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all sounds like what would be expected, the US nav and radio systems are very different to the Euro systems, as far as changing the temp display, id imagine this would need doing in the ECU, if it can be done at all.

and fopr changing MPH to KMH again it cannot be done, you have bought a US model, the who system is set up for the US imperial measurements

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Mikho, you are replying to a very old thread, which is you probably can't contact Gregor.

Hopefully someone else will pick up this thread and help you out...

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