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2002 Rx - Sparkplug Replacement

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I have just collected my car from the nice chaps at Lexus Exeter where it has just had its 120,000 mile service.

Unfortunately, due to a few LPG pipes being in the way, they were unable to change the sparkplugs. Could anybody please advise whether this is easy as a DIY project or whether its best left to the experts? Any advice would be appreciated.

I was fortunate to be given a lovely RX350 for a few days while mine was in the garage. A great leap forward generally from mine but I was a little shocked at the amount of road noise and also the sub 19mpg even during easy driving.



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Its nice to see another RX300 with the LPG conversion. The spark plugs are " quite easy" well 50% are easy the ones at the front of the engine especially. The ones at the back can be a little tricky, but with small hands and a 1/4" drive they can be done. Remove the 10mm bolt holding the "ingniter" (coil) and pull this up from the plug. You may need to unplug it from the loom if it doesn't come all the way out of the rocker cover. Use a plug socket to loosen the plug and remove it. They are quite deep in the head assembly and don't drop them in when replacing them. The plug at the back left (looking at the engine) is more accessible if you remove the small pipes from the rocker cover to the manifold. There are a few threads on this forum that describe how to do it in much more detail, or maybe take a look at other automotive forums where the 1MZFE engine is discussed. It's quite a popular engine in the US range of Toyota vehicles.

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