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Hi To All!


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Nice looking car there fella!

Reminds me how much I miss mine!

@ Jamie they're the Lexus Styling rims, should be able to get them easily from the dealers.

Grille wise personally I preferred mine when I fitted the grille from the LE - will find some pics for you to compare and choose mate :)

Here we go - Sports grille first, then the LE grille second. Personally I preferred the second as it was different!



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Yeah loads mate, the Aristo is nice but doesn't look as nice imho as my IS did, then again I prefer being inside the Aristo as it's loads bigger and it has loads more go!

The Aristo looks ace when clean, never sure which I'd prefer when they're clean, depends what mood I'm in!

Sound system is loads better in the Aristo too!

Swings and roundabouts really mate, do miss the IS though but we all move on, and the birds do love the Defi gauges I've got now!

I do miss my IS more than any fat bird from my past though :lol:

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I do miss my IS more than any fat bird from my past though :lol:

Oh, thats alright then! :lol:

Neah, I get what your saying dude. Be 3 years for me this year for men and my Is, im just not sure what to or where to go next.

Imyruff - Jut enjoy the ride mate! :P

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