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I was very suprised to see an average of 34 and then on a second trip 30 mpg when traveling from Reading to London,

Both trips were 80 miles long and I was using super unleaded and driving between 70 and 80 on the motorway.

Goes to show if driven well and looked after properly these cars can return a decent mpg



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Call me a cynic, but the only true way you will know what MPG your car has done is with a brim to brim fill up (take the total trip miles and divide by litres fuelled) - as good as a car's computer is it just does not give an accurate measure.

I'm sure your car did 30MPG+ - but until you do the brim to brim test you'll not know precisely. Sorry to be a downer...

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Yeah I know the trip computers cant relied on

I have done tests in the past with full tanks and worked it out, my calculations were more or less the same as the trip computer.

I am therefore confident that the above figures are more or less correct


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I've always logged my fuel. So as to be really accurate I do it over many tank fulls - about 3000 miles usually. The computers on my 2 previous Passat estates and a Golf were accurate to one decimal place, which I was pleasantly surprised with. The computers in my 2 RX 300's have been way off the mark. At least I mpg out and maybe even 2 so I would never rely on them.



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