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Hi Folks, I have one or two of the usual 400 probs, I can list them but you've probably heard them before :yawn:

I have though a problem with security. I didn't receive a master key with my MkII Rocketship and though Lexus can supply one for my car at a very reasonable price of £30, they want mega bucks to clone it. Does anyone know of someone who will clone my key to the security system for less bucks?

Now every time I go over a bump the CD is jarred. Is this a worn cassette or something much more expensive?

Apart from the temp unit, steering pump, a bit of trim, the key and the jumping cd this is one of the best cars to drive I have ever come across.

One last thing I'm going to gas it, but the space under the bonnet is a little restricted for the kit, I don't want the expense of a multipoint gas injection so anyone have pics of a good installation (Front end)?

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Glad you are enjoying it!

Sorry can't help with your problems but let us know how you get on with the gas kit, I didn't fancy fitting a kit myself and most places don't want to fir anything other than multi point = 1500quid cheapest I've come across in Leicester.

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