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Turbo Going On And Help Needed


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Hey guys should have asked this earlier but after a heavy night (mates 21st) we're on to the turbo

All was going well untill 1 little ***** bolt on the manifold wont come off, trying hard to get it off now all options welcome as ive run out of ideas ..

The main thing to as k for is how the hell to split the steering column, i've had a look but to me it doesnt seem to look simply to spilt anyone got a walk through to do it pictures would be amazing if u've got them

CHeers Elliott

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As Dave said, make sure you use tipex to make a line on the joint to line it back up afterwards. When mine came off it was a bit tough, we just used a screwdriver and hammer in the end.

As for the bolt, we had a seized one where the manifold connects to the rest of the exhaust. Resorted to angle grinding it off and putting in a new one.

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Ok cool do u just undo the bolts on the steering column then ???

Looks like turbo project is finished because on 1 **** bolt cant angle grind it as need to bolt to get the new manifold one. have tried everything, dw40, mole grips, nut is 14 have hammered 13mm on and even split a racket piece, i am **** ****ed off right now dont have a clue wot to do

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