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"you Need A Tracker Sir"


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I have just taken delivery of my new IS220D MM as my work car. My wife has just had a brand new BMW X3 and whilst it isnt the RX300 MK1 that she PX'd in for it, it is a lovely car.

When i went to change the insurance for the X3 Direct Line said they would only cover us if we have a tracker fitted! My questions is:

Is this just a Direct Line thing or do all insurers require tracker to be fitted on £30K plus cars?

Look forward to your reply


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They started giving you a discount if you had Thatcham Cat 1 alarms/immobs etc, then all the makers started to fit antitheft devices that hit that now they want Tracker...

Let's face it, they only want your cash, and will the premium go down just 'cos you've shelled out on a tracker? Nope...I'm sure.

They all reel you in for the first year on a cheap quote if you've not made a claim and then claw it all back if you stay with them...hop around every year, especially if you've not made a claim, and ask them what the quote would be with a tracker, compare it with others who don't care, and if it's worth it do it , else go elsewhere. Their loss not yours!

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You do NOT have to have a tracker fitted to cars over a cetain value/price

Underwriters used to flat rate cars up to circa £25,000 anyway and now the figure is nearer £40,000.

This is why it's totally pointless when they ask you on the phone "What is the value of you car" if it's under say £35,000. Just give them the answer "Market Value" cos that's all you will get in the event of a total loss !!

(Unless you have an "Agreed value")

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