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Oxtane Boosts? Optimax? Aditives? Help

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I read on that adding octane boosts can damage the sparkplugs.

Will this happen with optimax?? or just the additives??

If this is the case should I stick to normal unleaded or use optimax on my GS300 MK1?

Also I have a product called Cataclean that helps clean the cat and valves. Should i use this before changing me spark plugs, or after, and thus have nice new clean ones?



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I have used additives for many years on various types and ages of cars, Fords, VW's and my IS200.

I have not had any issues with them and I have only had good reports to give on them...I do however use them every 3-6months and generally when i am doing a long journey so its being run through at normal running temp and with a full tank of petrol.

my last 2 cars i have run on the better grade of petrol, this has been over the last 4 years or so, these have been my IS200 and VW Corrado, Both cars feel better with the highewr grade fuel.

I have seen that some garages are offering a complete fuel system clean which consists of a Forte fuel additive.

About 7 months ago i changed the plugs in my IS to IK20's and the Denso plugs that come out were nice and clean, I had run a couple of fuel additives and been filling up on BP's ultimate.


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