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Ls 400....'94 Drivers Key Lock

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Problem with intermittent failure to lock although unlock works OK.

Bit the bullet today and stripped the drivers door lock out.

fault traced to a small switch and an LED clipped to the lock barrel.

This looks a bit flimsy when first seen but is nicely made with silver contacts inside although small.

As the key is turned left or right the switch contacts turn to connect the appropriate side for lock and unlock.

Full of dirt and worn. [although it could have been cleaned and adjusted if desperate]

I had already obtained a spare [which I had already cleaned] from a scrap car... fitted it ......problem fixed!

Bad points, struggle getting at the short harness for the switch etc.,clipped behind the window channel.

Getting the door trim back on, its tight.

Job needs two people at times.

Hope this some help. :duh:

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I had mine apart today and the contact for locking the car had worn away almost totaly. I fixed the switch by soldering a fine wire to the remains of the contact and using some superglue to hold the wire in place where the contact used to be. It's working now but the lock is a little stiff. I'm going to fit remote central locking anyway now so that wont be a problem.

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