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Gs 300 S.e. '97 - Alarm/central Locking

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Hi Hello to you all with my first post! = ]

I was recently given this vehicle and found a box in the car on it's own with no has

"TVSS III - B" on it.

So after doing a bit of googling, I've concluded that this is the reason why the P.O. (previous owner) couldn't get the central locking or key fob to work.

My question is...

Where does this TVSS III-B belong? I can't find out where it is supposed to be fitted in the car. I am hoping that the leads for it are still in the right place.

I read a post on here which said that there is a box under the central armrest...but when i looked ther... all i saw was one much smaller black box with "Toyota TVSS" written on it..and a 4 pinned plug wired to it.

part no. 08192 - 00920. Underneath it says frequency band 2.5Ghz and it has a rubber grommit on the top covering a screw with turns to a + and -. This box looks as if it has been fitted after manufacture though.

Can someone tell me where the ECU TVSS III-B is supposed to go? :blush:

I'm in London - UK

Many Thanks!


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I have a '96 GS300 with an insert pasted in the handbook for this....

Appears the remote keyfob is £70 plus programming from a dealer (i didnt get the key fob)

Mine mysteriously decided to arm itself and now activates everytime I open a door.

the dealer says the ECU is mounted behind the glovebox.

I cant find the ECU despite removing the glovebox. So now I just settle with the hazards flashing !!

I pulled the plug on the siren.

Can you email the dimensions - and a photo if possible please.


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